GPS Ankle/Wrist Monitoring

GPS Monitoring & Tracking Services provides the most comprehensive and complete GPS Ankle/ Wrist Monitoring services available. An element of case management is included in each of our enrollee monitoring program including timely contact with each enrollee, occasional residence visits and personal follow up monthly for information exchange.

The GPS system utilized by GPS Monitoring & Tracking Services encompasses the latest, state of the art technology. Active GPS Monitors provide location information from the moment of install and every 60 seconds of enrollment. Multiple kinds of inclusion and exclusion zones are possible as well as other related crime zone inclusion information.

RF Ankle Monitoring/ House Arrest/ Work Release

Many of the Court Ordered Probation programs require House Arrest and Work Release types of monitoring which are less intense than GPS Monitoring and thus less expensive. GPS Monitoring & Tracking Services offers a range of RF Ankle Monitoring geared for House Arrest and Work Release. RF Units provide Inclusion Zone monitoring and some history tracking.

SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring

GPS Monitoring & Tracking Services does provide Court Approved SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring Units for those enrollees who have Court Sentences where SCRAM Units are mandated.

Court Testimony

Agents from GPS Monitoring & Tracking Services are recognized as Offender Monitoring Experts in Georgia Superior Courts and Federal Court. Court Testimony for Attorneys seeking bond reductions with monitor conditions or District Attorneys seeking Expert Testimony in trials where defendants were monitored using GPS or RF units is available. Call A&A All County Monitoring for more information.

Case Management

GPS Monitoring & Tracking Services has the capability for detailed case management in any of the scenarios above. Please call GPS Monitoring & Tracking Services to discuss your needs and receive a quote and description of services.