Bail Bonding

The Bail Bond and Bail Enforcement community can take advantage of Electronic Monitoring in a number of ways.

Monitoring can be (and in some Counties is mandated) used as an adjunctive tool for bonding when the defendant meets certain criteria and/or the bond is large and the charges encompass one of the seven deadly charges.

Electronic Monitoring assists in lowering the risk for certain bonds not only through the real-time tracking of the defendant, but through the required 14 day contact with the defendant and the co-signer for payment of the monitor fees.

In addition to the risk reduction, electronic monitoring can provide an alternative form of revenue to supplant any reduction in bond fees due to co-signer financial situation, county mandated conditions, etc.

GPS Monitoring & Tracking Services will be your third-party provider of exceptional GPS Monitoring, Drug and Alcohol monitoring and other services to support your Bail Bonding and Recovery efforts.

Please contact GPS Monitoring & Tracking Services for a complete list of services and a plan to support your bail bonding efforts.