How It Works

Regardless of the type of monitoring that may be required, the process for engaging A&A All County Monitoring Services is relatively the same. How Ankle Monitoring Works:

  1. Enrollee’s Family, Attorneys, Sheriff’s Offices or Judicial Representative would call or e-mail A&A All County with a description of the situation and the location the person is incarcerated or the circumstances of the enrollee’s charges.
  2. Experienced Agents from A&A All County Monitoring would discuss the situation (House Arrest, GPS Monitoring, Court Ordered Monitoring, etc.) with the customer and determine the proper and required type of monitoring and would recommend the procedure for installation.
  3. Documents would be provided to A&A All County Monitoring (Court Orders, Probation Orders, etc.) to further refine the type of service and the conditions for monitoring including any Zone or Schedule restrictions.
  4. Arrangements would be made with the customer for the date and time of installation and the payment arrangements prior to installation.  Coordination of the actual install and requirements, if any, of the customer (bond clearance, identification signatures, probation notification, etc…) would be made by the installing Agent from A&A All County.
  5. The install would take place (pre or post release) and the Monitoring Agreement with A&A All County Monitoring would be explained and signed by the enrollee.  All conditions would be explained and a check sheet for contact would be provided to the enrollee.
  6. Post install contact would commence by A&A All County Monitoring after the unit was installed and the Enrollee had experience with charging, maintaining the equipment, and zone or schedule restrictions.
  7. Completion of program events would be completed by A&A All County Monitoring after receipt of any final payments by the enrollee and receipt of the required Modification to Bond Orders, Probation Release Orders, etc.  Equipment would be scheduled for removal and return to A&A All County Monitoring.