BluTag/ GPS Unit

bluetagWhen enrollees are compliant with the terms of their supervision, BluTag Active transmits monitoring data at least once every 10 minutes. If enrollees commit a violation, such as tampering with the device, entering a prohibited zone, leaving a required zone early or not recharging the battery in a timely manner, BluTag Active immediately generates an event notification and transmits it to VeriTracks using nationwide digital cellular phone service.

Once VeriTracks receives the near real-time data, it immediately forwards it to the assigned supervising agent/officer using his or her preferred method of receipt – email, fax, page or text message.

BluBand/ RF Unit

bluebandBluBand is small lightweight radio frequency (RF) transceiver that interfaces with BluHome. Together these they record the date and time when enrollees enter and leave their homes. Because BluBand is a transceiver, it receives messages about the RF signal strength from BluHome.


bluehomeAs a patent-pending home-based monitoring unit, BluHome interfaces with both BluTag and BluBand. It has the ability to call VeriTracks, STOP’s Internet-based monitoring application, using the analog/landline or digital phone service in the enrollee’s home or nationwide cellular phone networks. The cellular calling functionality is only available when BluHome is paired with BluBand, STOP’s RF monitoring device.


Every half hour, the SCRAMx bracelet captures transdermal alcohol readings by taking samples of the insensible perspiration coming off the offender’s skin. The bracelet stores this data and, at pre-determined times, transmits it to the SCRAMx base station.

scramx-braceletThe SCRAMx bracelet:

  • Provides 24/7 alcohol monitoring plus house arrest in one dual-function device
  • Takes readings every 30 minutes around the clock and stores the data
  • Uploads this collected data to the SCRAMx base station according to a predetermined schedule
  • Date- and time-stamps readings for analysis and reporting
  • Requires no active participation by the offender to take tests and is minimally disruptive on daily activities
  • Incorporates multiple sensors to detect attempted tampers, obstructions, or removal attempts

SCRAM Mobile Monitoring:

  • Photo Recognition
  • GPS coordinates
  • Breath reading profile
  • Cellular communication